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Parramatta Hoist 'Port Yankee'
Can we ask around for this please - Any clue as to these flags/meanings?
Ray Davis

The hoist appears to be 'Port Yankee'.  I have no idea what it represents.  Perhaps it is a marker for a ship coming alongside.

Fm Royce Bell:
Only guessing but could it be “Port” flag on the outer, and Romeo Yankee on the inner ( with the Port flag obscuring the Romeo). That is “Ship out of routine” and “you may feel your way slowly past me”. Makes sense with the barge alongside. The ANF would still be flown while out of routine so long as the ship was not in dockyard hands for refit or modernisation.
Supposition I know but as good a guess as any.

Fm Ray Powell:
regarding Ray's query about the hoist in Parramatta, Port Yankee, If no one else has suggested I think it may be two hoists The Port flag on the outer and Romeo Yankee on the centre (with the romeo covered by the port flag). However that doesn't explain there being no code pennant!!!

Fm Royce Bell:
Since the last time I opened ATP 1 (ANSB) it was Edition B and it now appears we are up to Edition Echo
my memory could be a bit faded. The following is from Edition Delta and I cannot remember seeing the
wording of para 117 (2) before.
Seeing as how GI is no longer strictly a naval port and the number of merchant ships that now use the
area, has the use of the Code (ANS) pennant lapsed?
Perhaps a current CIS member would like to comment?
By the way, I pulled this off the internet.
MTP 1(D), Vol. II
Groups from the International Code of Signals may be used alone or in conjunction with signal groups
from this book. Whenever international groups are used alone in a flaghoist, international procedure is to
be used in answering.
(1) Whenever military use is made of the International Code of Signals, groups will be preceded by CODE
when transmitted by flaghoist, or INTERCO by Morse, voice, or semaphore.
(a) Whenever international signals are used alone, CODE or INTERCO followed by TACK shall be used as
the first group to indicate that all groups following are taken from the International Code of Signals.
When the signal consists of only one group, TACK may be omitted.
(b) Whenever signals from this book are supplemented by a group from the International Code of
Signals, CODE or INTERCO shall immediately precede the signal group to indicate that only that group is
taken from the International Code of Signals.
(c) For flaghoist signaling, a call sign preceding CODE indicates Allied procedure will be used in
answering, repeating, questioning, and canceling the display. For multiple signals, a call sign preceding
CODE may be hoisted in a superior position and left flying during several succeed- ing hoists of
international code groups. In either case, hauling down the call sign and CODE indicates the end of the
(2) When communicating with non-military ships or stations or non-Allied warships, refer to the
International Code of Signals.

And then a follow up email from Royce:
I have solved the problem with the Code pennant. The signal you may proceed past me at slow speed
have been incorporated into Edition E so it has the same meaning in both the allied and international
codes. Therefore the use of CODE pennant preceding is not necessary.
Quote from
Vol 2
RV You should proceed (to place indicated if necessary).
RV 1 You should proceed to destination.
RV 2 You should proceed into port.
RV 3 You should proceed to sea.
RW You should proceed to anchorage in position indicated (lat… long…).
RX You should proceed at time indicated.
RY You should proceed at slow speed when passing me (or vessels making this signal).
Fm Bill Aylott:
If the ship is in harbour, why doesn’t someone ring them up & ask them?
Fm Sam Hughes:
sailed past Parramatta on Wednesday last week and she was flying three hoists - the Port flag on the outer, Romeo Yankee in the middle and flag Kilo on the inner.

If anyone is interested in the links to MTP1 & 2 here they are:


Ray Davis has shared a video!
Hi mate, have you seen this before - can it be posted on the website?
Ray [Davo] Davis

Thanks Ray, early 60's on the Flagship - a few recognisable Signalmen. (Harry James, Kevin Duffy, Greg Fullerton, Shorty, Blue Kavanagh, CCY Yogi Barker.)  Thanks to Barry Appleby for the names.  Don't be put off by the time display, it only runs for about 10 minutes!


Just Cruisin'

Hi John,
Here is a photo of some signalmen you might know and would like to share on the web.
Phil Roy
And there never was a finer looking bunch of Signalmen! 

Steve Bridge Jacinda Sharp Frank Lawton
John Neilson Glenn Gilford Reg Robbins Rod McLaurin Terry Frankland Bruce Willoughby Barry Sherriff
Grant Gale Mick Delaney Ian Schubert Greg Palmer Ian Sturtevant
Geoff Wasley Owen Perkins Phil Roy Peter Bird Nev Kruck Geoff Hickling David Kerr Graeme Stout
Peter Durran Gary Swanton Barry Kane Wayne Graham Rod Withers Ray Powell Kel Nagle Mick Burton


Graham Linton & Co

Hi John, I am currently having a big clean out pending down sizing towards the end of this year and amongst my photo's I came across this one of the late Graham (bear) Linton, myself (Geoff Worth) Steve (Loupy) Guerin and Ray Meaker that was taken around about 1970 I would think. Maybe this can go into QSO.
Regards and best wishes
Geoff Worth
Thanks Geoff, a great photo.  Brings back fond memories of Graham Linton.


All Serving & Ex Serving Communicators.
The following Services and Reunion will be held on ANZAC Day, 25th April 2014 - Sydney.

Wreath Laying Service.
This will be held at the Cenotaph, Martin Place at 0740am . A serving sailor, LS CIS Cindi Correa will be our Wreath Layer. For all those wishing to participate, please be at the southern end of Martin Place, cnr of Pitt Street at 0730am so that we can "march on" at our given time.
After this Service, most normally go to the Combined Services Club, in Barrack Street, off George Street at Martin Place and partake of a breakfast at a very reasonable cost or other refreshments.
The RANCBA will be participating in the ANZAC Day March and our "fall in" area is in Castlereagh Street south. We will be setting off later than in previous years, but if you could be there by 0900am. Our Banner will be displayed so that all should have no problem locating us. If you do have a problem finding us, there will be RSL March Marshalls who will direct you to our area.
There will be two eyes right during the March.
First, when passing the Cenotaph.
Second. When we enter George Street on the right hand side there will be seating arranged for former Veterans who are unable to March.
For those in civilian attire and wearing caps/hats, at the order "eyes right" , please remove head gear and place over the right breast on both occasions., and on the order, "eyes front", replace. ..
Now, the RSL has asked, when we come to the finish, and the order, turning right, dismiss, please leave the roadway to allow following contingents to finish their march.
Once again, the Reunion will be held at the Royal Exhibition Hotel, and we have the exclusive use of the 2nd floor. Please come along and also partners, and families are very welcome. Renew and make new friendships.  Royal Exbibition Hotel is on the cnr of Chalmers & Devonshire Streets, opposite Central Station (suburban trains entrance) and very close to Eddy Avenue for buses etc.
Smart dress for both male & female. Full Medals where applicable.
Also our Patron, Rear Admiral Tony Horton AO RAN Rtd, will be the March Leader for Post WW II Navy Contingents, so it would be nice for a big turn out.  Rear Admiral Guy Griffiths AO DSO DSC RAN Rtd will be the March Leader for WW II Navy Contingents
Allan 'Shorty" Moffatt OAM
President RANCBA NSW

Vale John Stephen Saywell OAM - R31203 (ex TEL)

Sandy McNab sends:

This gentleman John Saywell was the chap who was able to point me in the right direction in chasing down some of the missing names with that mystery WWII 1942 recruit class photo of Telegraphists. John completed a Sig School W Class and then reverted / transferred to an Electrical career in the Navy, and through his Association still had a couple of the mystery lads on his books. We have a couple of pages write up from him on the QSO Forum
He has been the immediate past National President of the Radio Mechanic's Association and maybe nearly the last of his era.

Advice of John's passing came from John Bolton:

Not sure if you know, but John Saywell passed away last Monday (17th March).
I saw your old post on the RANCBA website and thought you would like to know.
John Bolton
1965 - 1974
SA Convenor Pussers Greenies

From the Archives:
John Stephen Saywell R31203, DOB 02/04/1929, Joined RAN 29/05/1946.  DEE 01/04/1959.  Initially a TEL but changed to Radio Electrician (W/T) in 1948, then changed to Radio Electrician (Air) in 1950. Major sea postings - HMAS TORRENS 1946-47, HMAS SYDNEY 1952/53, London Depot 1954-56 - commissioning crew HMAS MELBOURNE 1955.
Follow the link above to read about the amazing detective work by Sandy McNab and John Saywell (and others).  There are links from this page to the QSO articles in 2009/10 which give the full story.


Allan 'Shorty' Moffatt BOTA

To all. Please hold all emails, queries etc from midday Saturday 29th March until 23rd April. Taking a cruise to SE Asia to re-activate my ASM and FESR Clasp.
Allan 'Shorty' Moffatt OAM
President RANCBA NSW

Subject: Plaque Dedication & Battle of the Java & Coral Sea
This unique Service which is available to all ex RAN personnel, both male and female, regardless of Rank or Rate was held at the Chapel, Garden Island on Sunday 9th March 2014.  It was Officiated by Chaplain Anthony Crook RANR and once again ably assisted by LS Lindsay Russell.  The numbers were slightly down on the previous Service but in the vicinity of 80 in attendance in the congregation for the 12 Plaques to be Dedicated.
The first one was for Petty Officer William Aylott lost onboard HMAS Sydney with the engagement with the German Raider Kormoran . A speech was given by his son Ex L/Sig Bill "Salty" Aylott who many would have known or served with him. He had also been a previous stalwart person on the NSW Chapter till he decided to move to Queensland !!!! .
Another one was for Commander Archibald McLachlan MBE who was the OIC, HMAS Harman during WW II and was greatly admired for his helping of the first females into the RAN on 25th April 1941. This speech was given by his daughter Mary Snell from Brisbane.
There were many more and as previously stated, some of the speeches of these people should be recorded. Two Australian Naval Cadets, from TS Sirius, Read the Naval Psalm, (Psalm 107 , 23-31) and then the Reciting of the Naval Ode and the Ode. They were both a credit to their Unit.
My only regret is that when some Plaques are Dedicated, no one from the family/relative have advised they would speak on that person. I am sure that if the Chaplain was to ask if anyone in the Congregation would like to say a few words, they would no doubt have some one putting their hand up as they may have served with that person. This would have been the case of the late Lieutenant Ces Wiliams OAM, as there were a few who have served with this person.
It was a good Service and once again the FNSA and RANCBA put on morning tea on completion. This included ex Communicators, Sharon Mundy, Liz Watts, Diana Avent, Helen Moffatt and the Secretary of the FNSA Mary Bell, all showing their MKR expertise.
Communicators in attendance, Ray & Sharon Mundy, Andy & Jan Mills, Bill & Val Aylott, Ken & June Swain, Don Ferguson, Diana Avent, our Patron RADM Tony & Margaret Horton, Dave & Di Kelleher, Shorty & Helen Moffatt.
FNSA Philip & Mary Bell, Bob Auston.
Note. The late Les Church has attended several of these Services and it was one of his final wishes that a Plaque be Dedicated in the Chapel in his name . As Les was a very stalwart Member of the RANCBA, it will be a privilege to arrange this.

A combined Service and this was also a inaugural Service which took place at the Cenotaph, Martin Place on Friday 21st March. Due to a couple of factors and the age now of Veterans of both these battles, the FNSA was asked if they would be able to assist and take it over. After a small discussion we advised that we would and a Committee was elected. This being Chairman Allan "Shorty" Moffatt, Secretary, Ken Swain, Treasurer Rosemary Stockley, Committee Jan Cunningham, Didi Von Wiederhold. Both Jan and Didi had been involved for some 30 years and after giving such sterling service to both Associations, they decided it was time to ask someone else to take over but they would stay on as Committee persons and give/help/assistance where ever required..
The Service commenced at 11.00am and was Officiated by Chaplain Russell Smith RAN, and the duty of the MC by CMDR Ken Swain AM RAN Rtd. Catafalque Party was provided by personnel from HMAS Waterhen, and music by the Sydney Detachment of the RAN Band under the Bandmaster, Lieutenant Stephen Stanke RAN. Full credit must also go to CPO Stuart Dollimore, Ceremonial from HMAS Kuttabul.
Here, accompanied by Ms Rosemary Stockley we both had the very great privilege of meeting and escorting Her Excellency, Professor Marie Bashir AC CVO and Sir Nicholas Shehaddie on their arrival at Martin Place.
History. Java Sea . This was a decisive naval battle of the Pacific campaign of WWII and here Allied navies suffered a disastrous defeat at the hand of the Imperial Japanese Navy on 27th February 1942 and in secondary actions over successive days . This battle was the largest surface ship engagement since the Battle of Jutland in 1916
Here the RAN lost the cruiser HMAS Perth and the sloop HMAS Yarra.
History - Coral Sea . Fought during the 4 - 8 May 1942 was a major naval battle in the Pacific theatre of WW II between the Imperial Japanese Navy and naval and air forces from the United States of America and Australia . The battle was the first action in which aircraft carriers engaged each other, as well as the first in which neither side's ships sighted or fired directly upon each other. Here HMAS Australia and HMAS Hobart were part of Task Group 17.3 under the Command of RADM J. G Grace RN.
It was a very full Service with the Commemoration given by Chaplain Smith to be followed by the Address by Her Excellency, Professor Marie Bashir, Governor of NSW.  This was then followed by the Wreath Laying by Official Guests, Ships Association and friends. It included Her Excellency the Governor of NSW, RADM Guy Griffiths AO DSO DSC RAN who is Patron the Java & Coral Sea Commemorative Committee, Mr David Elliott MP , Representing the NSW Premier, Mr. John Robertson MP Leader of the NSW Opposition, Mr David Coleman MP representing the Minsiter for Veterans Affairs, the NSW Police, the Netherlands Consul General , the US Consul General, DVA, RSL State Vice President, Captain Brett Sampson RAN, Brig. Paul Blood ARA, Group Captain Geoff Shambrook RAAF, the British Defence Advisor & Naval Attache, Netherlands Defence Attache, Commander Todd Wilson, Commanding Officer HMAS Kuttabul, Mr Bill Ross President HMAS Hobart Assn, Mr. Keith Roberts HMAS Australian Assn , Mr Peter Ashpole Naval Assn NSW, Mr Howard Halsted Corvettes Assn, Mr Dick Thompson Fairmiles Assn, Cmdr John King President HMAS Perth Assn, Mrs Mary Bell Secretary FNSA, , Mr. Ernie Flint US Army small ships Assn, Mr. John Satchwell Royal Marines Assn, Mrs Angie Flint Secretary Combined Services Club, Mrs Joan Evans WRNS, Mrs Rosemary Stockley OAM, President WRANS Naval Womens Assn , and definitely not the last, yours truly Shorty. This is only some and there were many more.
On completion of the Wreath Laying, the Last Post was Sounded, One Minutes Silence, the ODE, and Reveille , followed by the Naval Hymn, the Naval Prayer and Benediction.
Then the National Anthems of Australia, Great Britain , the United States of America and the Netherlands,
The first 3 Anthems were sung by LS MSCN Tracey Kennedy and once again her singing brings people to a halt walking through Martin Place as she is a pleasure to listen to.  Then is was the dismounting of the Catafalque Partty and the departure of the Official Guests.
Here I had to escort Her Excellency to meet and speak with Veterans and those of Ships Associations. This included, Mr John Withers OAM Secretary Hobart Assn, Mr Bill Ross Hobart Assn, PO Tony Mills Perth Assn, Mr. Michael Kaye Secretary Perth Assn. to name just a few.
Then it was to her car and here she wished to pass on and thank all those for today and what it means to Australia.
To quote her last words to me , they are three of her most favourite 'LEST WE FORGET"
I do hope that I have been able to convey how good this first inaugural Commemoration Service was, and to all concerned - BZ.
Allan 'Shorty" Moffatt OAM
President RANCBA NSW &
Chairman Battle of the Java & Coral Sea Committee

Vale Les Church R52375 (ex LTO)

Following sad news just received…..Keghead
It is with great sadness I advise Les Church passed away this morning (Friday 21 March) peacefully at the Prince of Wales Hospital in Sydney.
There will be a memorial service held in Sydney next week. I will let you know dates and times as soon as they are available.
Previously received from Allan Moffatt:
Morning all.  Faye, who is Les Church's wife rang me last night for my help/assistance.
Things don't look good for Les as different parts of his body have or now in the process of winding down and it is only a matter of time /days etc.  He is heavily sedated so he is in no pain, but he doesn't know that you are there should you call in.
Now Les has asked for no Funeral as such when the time comes, but to have a Service at his RSL, and then could I send all relevant papers for a Plaque to be Dedicated at the GI Chapel as he is very taken as to what takes place there.  Along with Ken Swain, this will be done.
Also he has one last request to have his Ashes scattered at sea. Ken and myself will give all details and assistance to Faye with this.
Please feel free to pass on to anyone who may like to know what is happening. I know many of his ex workers at DCA would like to know.
I shall keep you informed
Allan Moffatt
Lest We Forget

Service for Les Friday 28th March 2014:

It is with deep regret that I have to inform you of the sad passing of Les Church, but I just had a phone call from Faye Church and this is how Les wanted it.  It will be no big Service, but , it will be.
The Service will take place at the Randwick-Coogee RSL Diggers Club at 3pm on Friday 28th March. Partners are more than welcome.  Dress will as for ANZAC Day. It will be a small Service and on completion, those that served/worked with Les both in the Navy and at Tullamarine and Mascot Airport will be  asked if they wish to come forward and say a few words
Those that knew Les would agree this is probably the way he wished to be remembered by all.
Hoping that as many as possible can make the trip to say farewell to a great person, who love him or not, will be sadly missed.
Lest we Forget
Allan "Shorty" Moffatt OAM
President RANCBA NSW

Service for the late ex L/Signalman Les Church 28th March 2014

Well done for the those that attended the Service yesterday. To use the old English phrase, I THINK WE GAVE LES A RIGHT ROYAL SEND OFF. HE WOULD HAVE BEEN PROUD. There were over a 100 plus there from, family, friends, Vampire Assn, RANCBA, Randwick Rugby Union and Civil Aviation.
There were RANCBA Members who I hadn't seen for years and it was very pleasing to catch up with Tackers and Ruwie who flew down from Qld to be there yesterday.
When I was asked would I do the RSL/Service Tribute I felt very honoured, so I hope that I gave the full and correct meaning to this part of the Service.
I also received many apologies and on completion of the RSL Tribute I told all in attendance and then signed the Condolence Book on your behalf.
He was a character and we go back a long way, having know him in the Navy from 1958, and then when he became Manager of Flight Service and Communications at Mascot Airport, he will be one person that I will always remember
Lest We Forget
Allan 'Shorty": Moffatt OAM
President RANCBA NSW
Fm the Archives:
Leslie Church R52375, DOB 04 May 1941, Joined RAN 24 September 1956, initially as a Junior Musician.  Changed category to SIG in 1958.  Sea postings - VAMPIRE 1959-61, SUPPLY 1962 (short posting to IBIS Oct/Nov 62), VOYAGER Jan to Dec 1963, SYDNEY Jan 1964 until DEE in September 1964.

Fm Tony (Tackers) Miles:

Was very saddened to hear of the passing of Les Church.  We did the same sigs course in 1958 and commissioned Vampire in 59.  That was the only time that I served with Les for when my eyesight went south I changed to a sparker.
Even though we only served a short time together we have always been great mates. Whilst I knew that his health was failing I was shocked to hear of his passing.
He will be missed by those who knew him. A great bloke, great friend and we will all be poorer for his passing.
Vale my good friend
Tony (Tackers) Miles
Fm Ron 'Nullarbor' Baker:

I was saddened to hear of Les' passing. My most vivid memory of him is when he, Big Horse, Gazbo O'Keefe and I travelled down to Wollongong (c 1964) for the wedding of AB Max Leonard, who was a shipmate of ours on HMAS Sydney. I remember we all chipped in and bought an electric fry-pan from Red Anchor for a wedding gift. At the reception, after the wedding, Max got into a verbal stoush with his brand-new in-laws and stormed out, bride in one hand and electric fry-pan in the other, closely followed by the four of us. We went to one of the local pubs for some amber refreshment, then all crashed in the room that Max and his bride had previously booked. We knew how to have fun in those days!
Rest in peace, Les...Lest we Forget..
Fm Bob Simpson:

Very shocked and saddened to hear about Les Church.
I have known Les since I first went to FND as a Recruit Sig. Les was invited to join us from the RAN Band, where his main instrument I understand, was the French Horn. I don't know the circumstances under which he was asked to switch – he had joined as a boy Bandy a couple of years prior.
After completing our TOs course together in 1958/9, our first three sea drafts were to the same ships – Vendetta (only for a couple of months waiting for Vampire), then Vampire's first commission, and then off to UK to commission Tide Austral/Supply. Les was one of the 'professionals' I lost to the 'sweepers on the return from UK as the 'Rocky' TOs were drafted from the sweepers to Supply on exchange, due to acute sea sickness.
As we were both LTOs by the time we went to UK, I was drafted from Supply to Voyager to leave only one LTO iaw the complement list. Our Captain (Geoffrey Vernon Gladstone, whom some of you would know by one of two well-known nick-names), would have none of that and had his Director of Manning mate in Canberra swap the drafts before they took place. Capt Gladstone (along with our Nav Div Officer) was one of the few people I knew who didn't appreciate Les's happy-go-lucky 'attitude'.
Thus Les went to the Voyager and I stayed on Supply. He was subsequently drafted off Voyager before that collision, under circumstances which would not have arisen had I been the one on that ship as originally planned. Fate moves in mysterious ways!
I served in Essendon and Tullamarine with Les in DCA after the Navy as both CO and FSO, losing track of Les when I was transferred to Alice Springs, Tennant Creek and finally to Brisbane. Les went to Darwin and then to Sydney, where he stayed until he retired. I lost close contact with him but did see him occasionally and was kept abreast of his movements and sadly, his failing health, by Tackers, one the original comms staff on the batship and with whom I originally enlisted.
I didn't see Les as often as I would have liked after I moved to Brisbane and he moved to Sydney, but we enjoyed many good times together in earlier years and he will be sadly missed. The first commission of Vampire I remember as one of the most enjoyable parts of my life and Les was a big part of that.
Rest in Peace, mate.

Fm Bogey Knights:
Some times when we open the Rancba site it is full of magical and sad memories.
For me today it was the latter seeing the passing of Les.....Had the opportunity to ship with Les on the Sydney 1964 and I must say he was a Larrikin but with it a very Funny Man. Funny how I seem to gravitate to those sort of people (LIFE IS FOR THE LIVING SORT OF PEOPLE).  I will certainly miss him giving me backchat during a few Reunions.
Our thoughts are with Faye and Family and members of the Rancba NSW
Regards Bogey and Sandy Knights

Fm Kev Ruwoldt:
A big shock to read Keghead's e-mail with the bad news of Les Church. I knew he hadn’t been well but was at a total loss to read of his passing.
I first met Les at the sig school in 1959 and was amused at his antics trying to attract the Wrans at the sig school. Later that year I drafted to HMAS Quickmatch and run into Les up the Cross at the “Chew and Spew” (Hasty Tastie). Four of us ended up in Penny Lane which was an out of bounds area in those days. Les and I were sitting in the gutter knocking off a couple of tallies while the other blokes were further up the lane with a limp wristed type gentleman. Next thing the Coppers turned up and grabbed Les and I and were in the process of taking us to the cop shop when suddenly the Shore Patrol appeared and said “they’re ours, we’ll take them”. We were tossed in the back of the F100, Les was taken back to Vampire and I was taken to Watson. Later on Les was upset when I told him I had been let off with a warning and he ended up with 14 days chooks, he always reckoned it was not fair. The other blokes escaped unseen
I also worked with Les in Darwin in DCA and he was a keen sportsman playing cricket and footy with the Parap Wanderers.
His wife Pauline worked at the prawn factory in Frances Bay and for 5 bucks she supplied a 5lb pack of headless green prawns packed for the American market for those people who ordered through Les each week.
Les was great company at the National Reunions and I always enjoyed his stirring!!!
Smooth sailing mate....
Fm Bill Aylott:
Hell Shorty, I didn’t even know Les was ill. It came as a shock when I opened QSO this evening. Don’t think I ever served with him but knew him well through our meetings & functions. It just reinforces the fact that we of the old Navy are just living on borrowed time, we must surely be moving up the ladder.
When you attend his funeral, will you place both my & Vals name in the mourners book (if there is one) as Val remembers Les from meetings at Bardwell Park
Bill Aylott

Fm Dave Jeffrey:
My memories of Les always bring a smile to my face. Along with Nullarbor and Bogey and many others, I enjoyed Les' company on the Sydney back in 1964. He was a great mate and I will miss him. He left the navy and went to Antarctica and on return, the RSQ course in January 1967 often enjoyed his hospitality in Essendon. I remember one night when Pauline (his first wife) was sitting on my knee in their lounge room, when Les at a suitable volume for all to hear, offered me his bills as well!!!!
We will all miss him.

Fm Andy Mills:
So sad to hear of Les's passing.
Although I never served with him, he was one of the older experienced
TOs/LTO's I looked up to as a young ORDCO and TO, but got to know him better,
like most of you, through the association and its meetings, functions and reunions.
Will try to rearrange my diary for next Friday so that I can attend his memorial service.

Fm David MacLean:

Deeply saddened to read of the death of Les Church, he was a great bloke. Knew him in pussers & DCA, gone far too soon. Deepest sympathy to his family.
Fm Trevor Pike:
Very sad to hear of Les's passing, regret won't be able to make the service next Friday as we are away with a couple in Port Macquarie, my thoughts are with Faye and Les's family.
Lest We Forget.
Regards Trevor & Joan
Trevor Pike

Fm Keghead Weaver:
I have know 'Churchie' (which is what I have always called him) since he was on O/D on the 'Vampire'. Unfortunately, I did not get to go 'up top' on her for that first trip. I have seen him at all of our RANCBA Reunions as well as all the Vampire get-togethers and as President of that Association, he did a wonderful job until it became too much for him.
He looked after my wife (Ruth) and I when we went to Vanuatu, as he was in charge of the Sydney FSC at the time and allowed us to put our car in the DCA car park, drove us back and forth to the terminal and even took us into the 'nerve centre' and bought us a cup of coffee.
He will be sadly missed by one and all. It was a pleasure and an honour to have had him as a friend.
Rest in Peace mate.
Keghead and Ruth Weaver

Keghead Weaver in Sick Bay
For information. I have been 'off the air' and what's worse 'off the booze' for a month now.
I have been suffering from PANCREATITIS, which is usually caused by 'too much alcohol' (didn't know that was possible) or gall stones. Neither of these scenarios fitted my good self, so my GP, through a process of elimination, deduced it was from the recent change to my medication for COPD. So, medication given to you to 'fix you up' can sometimes have the reverse effect. My blood pressure went down to 60/40, which, according to my GP was at the 'dangerous' level. I am now on the mend (I hope), but according to the 'experts' it's a long road, so here's hoping!
Oh, whilst all this was happening, my P/C 'died' so I was only on SOP's through mobile phone. Back on air again now.
Looking forward to Anzac Day and our Royal visitors.
Keghead Weaver

The Minister for Veterans’ Affairs, Senator the Hon. Michael Ronaldson, today announced the establishment of a new Prime Ministerial Advisory Council (PMAC) with a renewed focus on veteran mental health.
Senator Ronaldson said that one of the four pillars of the Abbott Government’s plans for Veterans’ Affairs was to tackle mental health challenges facing veterans and their families, especially following the draw down of troops from Afghanistan.
“In reviewing existing consultative arrangements, I have taken the opportunity to evolve PMAC’s role to specifically focus on veteran mental health issues, particularly those relating to former service personnel with service after 1975,” Senator Ronaldson said.
“The Prime Minister and I are delighted that former Chief of Navy, Vice Admiral Russ Crane AO, CSM, RAN (Ret’d), will Chair the new PMAC and that he will be supported by Corporal Ben Roberts-Smith VC, MG, as the Deputy Chair. Mr Ryan Stokes will also be a member of the new PMAC.
“The new PMAC membership will also comprise of experts in mental health matters, representatives of the Australian Defence Force, the veteran community and industry leaders.”
“The Government is determined to prioritise the mental health care of veterans and their families now and into the future. The new PMAC has the Prime Minister’s unequivocal support in ensuring the Government can provide the very best support to veterans and their families facing the challenges of service-related mental illness. We must never stop looking for ways to improve the support we provide to those who have served our nation.”
“The Prime Minister and I welcome the new membership and wish them well in the important task ahead of them,” Senator Ronaldson said.
Senator Ronaldson thanked the outgoing PMAC membership for their invaluable contribution to ex-service matters including enhancing the focus on contemporary veterans and their families; supporting new research into blast injuries and the impact on longer-term health; and ongoing research into the mental health impacts of military service in both combat and training roles.
PMAC was first established in 2008 to advise the Prime Minister and Government on matters affecting the ex-service and defence communities.
Media inquiries: Minister Ronaldson: Brad Rowswell 6277 7820 or 0417 917 796
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Thursday, 13 March 2014             VA016

HARMAN Rugby Union Club

Attached is a 'directive' from 1967 that you may find worthy of a place on the RANCBA website. Note that Ron Reavley is a selector and reserve. At the time, I recall that we had the heaviest front row in the competition. I guess that's what you get when you train on beer.
Ron 'Nullarbor' Baker

Tks Nullarbor, some very well known personnel shown in the directive. 

NuShip Canberra - VKCN/L02 - Underway this week

An interesting very current page should you wish to provide a link to it from the QSO forum, next update.
I can only assume there may be CIS staff on-board to work-up their Operational systems as well, prior to its final Commissioning into the Fleet.
Reckon it would be an exciting and proud time for all to actually be underway and feel the ship come to life underfoot so to speak.
Sandy McNab

RANCBA VIC Longcast 2014-2016
Could you please post this in the RANCBA Vic Section on the website - and put a note that this updates the previously notified events and activities that the Victorian Committee have currently scheduled - which I might add are open to all Communicators - with a link to that in the QSO section for us!
Ian Hogarth
Honorary Secretary
Please go to the link above for the Longcast.


Girl online and hitch get acquainted

Girl online and hitch get acquainted

Girl online and hitch get acquainted

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